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CCW Firearms Training Classes

For California Concealed Weapons Permits

Location of Instruction: Shingletown, California (Shasta County)



Below are a few comments from persons who have taken my courses:

- "Thank you again for all you taught my Mom and me! We really appreciate your knowledge, insight, and dedication.. .. After hearing stories from various friends and acquaintances, I don't know why anyone would choose another class over yours. ..."

- "very thorough!"

- "I liked that you worked with me on the range".

- "I would recommend this course to anybody I know".

- "It was all very good info. Answered a lot of questions. I enjoyed this very much."

- and from a student who had taken my renewal course (he had a CCW for about 20+ years) and advised me verbally, with words to the effect  -  you raised issues that I had never thought about, and answered questions that other courses didn't.

- words to effect: "your course was a lot more thorough than the one my wife took" (from another source); "your course helped me a lot"; "the money and time was well worth it"; and  I felt so much better after receiving your instruction.

- "Thank you Nathan - I appreciate your passion teaching this critical topic"... [and your] "candid discussion of threat scenarios".

- "Best in depth training I ever received".

-What did you think was the best thing about the course? - "Amount of information presented & sources &  lots of one-on-one attention at the range"

-What did you think was the best thing about the course? - "Life scenarios - range practice / critique"

- "Overall: Excellent course. Very informative. It is clear you have considered these things in much depth, and that you care about imparting the information". ... "Great course. It is clear you know the material, & care".

- "Great job!"

- "Very Good! Would recommend to others".

- "Very patient and knowledgeable  w/excellent delivery" ... very well done".

- "Purely professional @ grade A level. Patient w/ability to explain answers to experienced shooters & novice alike".

Course Evaluation Question: "What did you think was the best thing about the course? 

     Response from an Assistant District Attorney. "Personal teaching - i.e., not just intellectual drivel." ... "A course I would recommend to those interested in learning, not simply trying to get a CCW Permit". 


Contact: To Register for a class, or advise of date convenient for you, please call in advance:   530-474-3267.  Classes are in Shingletown.