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Shingletown Emergency Radio    

760  REPEATER (wide area)  - ACTION IN PROCESS.

05/ 05 /2023 - We have just experienced a very large Area power outage impacting over three thousand PG&E customers. This was in addition to communication failures (Frontier landline and internet failures). For many, this rendered them unable to dial 911). During this same time frame we were subject to very substantial thunder and lightening storms (with ground contact).  The potential for ignition can be up to two weeks following a strike.  On both 5/5/2023 and 5/6/2023 SER attempted to obtain reports from Hams on 760. Result: Not a single SHINGLETOWN HAM RESPONDED. Then, pre-dawn on 5/6/2023 (before the power was restored and while we were still having communication outages), someone again keyed the 760 repeater multiple times and woke station operators up. There was no purpose but to harass and disrupt an operating emergency communications system. This degenerate's actions continue to render the 760 repeater non useable for its intended purpose.

Accordingly, plans are now being finalized to change the 760 repeater and only selected Ham stations who can be trusted will be provided access.  The local HAM club boycott, its shunning, etc..., which has followed the actions by various local ham club members (and its prior President)  to destroy the SER program have reached the point that either the repeater is shut down or frequency changes be made.  If Hams continue to be so short sighted, egocentric, and snobbish, it is submitted that there will be no long term future for Ham radio.  The frequency spectrum is limited.  At least emergency communications provides a substantive community benefit justifying the frequency allocations. One should consider that saving the California Ham repeaters from removal throughout all of California (about 70 repeaters were going to be removed) was based upon the emergency communications aspect of Ham radio.

There are a few good hams who are interested in benefiting the community through emergency communications. We also have many non hams who are likewise  interested in benefiting the community.  To these operators, Thank you for all of your help! The repeater changes should help this active group (Village; Midway, Long Hollow and Rest Area) accomplish  their emergency communications needs and render the repeater useful for at least a substantive emergency limited  community purpose. 

When the changes are done, it will only be selected Hams and Areas which will have access. Other Hams and other Areas have radios. What they do, or do not do,  is up to them.  Something very beneficial was made and was operating for all of Shingletown. However, there are destructive forces in Shingletown which continue to operate.  We can't continue being subjected to this bad behavior. These factors have forced us to devote our energy and volunteer efforts to the Village; Midway, Long Hollow and Rest Areas only.




05/2023 - the abuse of the 760 has been substantially reduced. Accordingly, the pending changes to the repeater are on  hold. 

The policy of SER remains the same. We seek to  handle ALL emergency traffic (e.g., wild fires, earthquakes, request for 911 relay, etc...), even from those local Hams who have worked to destroy the SER Plan.  We recognize that a Forest Fire impacts all of us, and it can do so in minutes.

 The present  SER Team volunteers (Non Hams with a few Hams) are the key people who are serious about volunteering to help their community as to emergency communications. Thank you for your help and community service.  We need more volunteers, both Non Ham and Ham. If you are community minded, please help out.  There is no club to join, no dues, etc... . Please just follow the SER Plan procedures.  

05/16/2023 1855 hours - monitoring check for hams on 760. No response (Note: SER Hams are QXX except PDS).  Accordingly, participating Non Hams are clearly critical to emergency fire preparedness.  Subsequent checks during May had same result - no Ham responses (except for the SER Hams). It has been observed that information transmitted on 760 is picked up by local ham club group transmitted on their local repeater for their club members. So monitoring is taking place.  The group chooses to  ignore requests for response / assistance.  

05/12/2023:  Testing of 760 repeater again done today with request for response. The decision to make changes is pending. However, again, NO Hams responded to propagation tests (I 5  south .... Williams, etc). Only Hams that ever respond (even to fire) are those few that are part of SER Plan (but today all of them were QXX).  The repeater still has a person keying in early morning hours waking monitoring stations up.  The 760 was removed from the SER scan plan so that active stations don't turn off their radios due to being awakened in the middle of the night.   By making changes, we intend to be able to open up the 760 to 24/7 scanning by active stations (Ham and Non Ham) and thus be able to use for emergencies. At this time, we are only suffering the negative impacts of the malicious actor(s) without any benefit of other Hams helping out.  With the changes, the intent is that Hams and NON Hams following  the SER Plan can use for emergencies. At this point, the Non Hams following the SER Plan are a critical and vital aspect of emergency communications for forest fires due to the lack of Hams helping out (we only have about 4 active Hams). The Ham boycott appears to be continuing. Yet, fire season is upon us.

04/10/2023:  The760 (Ch 10) frequency changes will be made due to the continued abuse.  This is needed to preserve the existing CORE Emergency Radio Team and its operational needs and purposes pursuant to the SER Plan.  


Many Shingletown neighborhoods were previously allocated specific CH  1, 2, 3, and 4, for their local neighborhood emergency communications. It is unknown how many neighborhoods actually have organized their emergency radio communications.   We are aware of only 4 neighborhoods that have taken sustained action and are actively following and participating in the SER Plan. Such neighborhoods are the focus of the SER Plan.  

03/2023: THE   760 (CH 10) repeater IS OFF.  It will be turned on (if Control Operator is available) for SHINGLETOWN CORE AREA (VILLAGE, MIDWAY, LONG HOLLOW AND REST AREA) operational needs only. CH 10 IS NO LONGER PART OF THE 24/7 MONITORING PORTION OF THE SER PLAN DUE TO THE LONG TERM CONTINUING ABUSE (e.g., keying at 2:00 AM, 4:00 AM, ... waking up monitoring stations; sending false emergency alerts, etc...).  ACTIVE AND PARTICIPATING STATIONS WILL BE ADVISED IF THEY NEED TO QSY TO CH 10 FOR  CORE AREA OPERATIONS.


02/28/2023 (1735 hours) - Another Monitoring check was done on 760 (10). Only Hams responding were  BZL (PCR) & PDS with MWM QXX. These stations are active SER Ham stations.  

02/16/2023  Drill Smoke Check (Format Tango 4) was to be  conducted on EROC 9. During Drill, person held PTT on 146.505 and transmitted radio music. Also, someone sent interference signal on repeater output frequency. Both of these interferences obstructed the Smoke Check Drill on EROC 9 and interfered with relays from Ch 10 and Ch 58. Changes are going to have to be made not only 10 but also 58 (which is 505 simplex).  

02/04/2023 Persons who have radios who are not actively participating in the SER Nets need to reprogram CH 10 AND 

CH 55 to  146.760  simplex (with no tones in or out) with radio set to  no transmit ability in order to listen to the 760 repeater. 

02/03/2023  (760 Repeater ): The keying,  malicious interference (including the transmitting of  false emergency alert  tones) has continued on the repeater frequencies. Accordingly, the decision has now been made that changes to the repeater are required in order to be able to use this asset for emergency communications. Only selected stations will receive the updated frequency information. Active radio participation in the SER Net Plan is one of the criteria for receiving the new frequency information. Evidence indicates that a Ham operator is one of the persons involved in causing the malicious interference and destruction of this emergency communications plan asset.

Those who 

12/31/2022    01/05/2023 :  NOTICE - 760 REPEATER CHANGES (Large Area Repeater):

Due to continuing abuse of the 760 repeater, changes are being planned for 2023. This is not desirable; however, the malicious abuse prevents stations from monitoring 24/7.  In the event the changes are done, then existing radio programming for this repeater will stop working.  If your radio has the 760 repeater in it at such time, you will no longer be able to access the repeater.  Use will be limited to those actively participating and following the SER Plan - i.e., emergency communications.  In order to maintain a functioning emergency communications system, the changes appear necessary.  Other solutions are being worked on.

Malicious Interference with Emergency Communications Plan. 11/20/2022 - the 760 repeater has been  placed back on Monitor mode only (no ability to transmit).  This was done because of malicious interference with emergency communications equipment. - here.

9 / 22/ 2022 A cash reward is [WAS] being offered for the identity of the person(s) doing the malicious keying of the emergency use repeater and the established emergency communications plan.  Contact Nathan for specifics to receive the cash reward.  530-474-3267. Cash reward offer has been cancelled (2/3/2023) since no one has come forward.