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Shingletown Emergency Radio    

760  REPEATER (wide area) 

12/31/2022    01/05/2023 :  NOTICE - 760 REPEATER CHANGES (Large Area Repeater):

Due to continuing abuse of the 760 repeater, changes are being planned for 2023. This is not desirable; however, the malicious abuse prevents stations from monitoring 24/7.  In the event the changes are done, then existing radio programming for this repeater will stop working.  If your radio has the 760 repeater in it at such time, you will no longer be able to access the repeater.  Use will be limited to those actively participating and following the SER Plan - i.e., emergency communications.  In order to maintain a functioning emergency communications system, the changes appear necessary.  Other solutions are being worked on.

Malicious Interference with Emergency Communications Plan. 11/20/2022 - the 760 repeater has been  placed back on Monitor mode only (no ability to transmit).  This was done because of malicious interference with emergency communications equipment. - here.

9 / 22/ 2022 A cash reward is being offered for the identity of the person(s) doing the malicious keying of the emergency use repeater and the established emergency communications plan.  Contact Nathan for specifics to receive the cash reward.  530-474-3267.