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CCW Firearms Training Classes

For California Concealed Weapons Permits

Location: Shingletown, California (Shasta County)

  Equipment You Need to Bring to Initial Full Course

Equipment Requirements for Initial Class:

Drivers License or California ID

A center-fire handgun, either a double-action or double-action-only revolver, or semi-automatic pistol, of modern design, that is in good working order, clean, and with all factory installed safety devices fully functioning. [Suggested Reading: Before purchasing that defensive handgun - consider FIT.]

At least 2 magazines for any semi-automatic handgun or at least two speed-loaders for any revolver. 

Strong-side hip holster (inside or outside waist band) that has some type of retention system (thumb-strap, level 2, passive, friction, etc.) designed for the chosen handgun. Holster design should be sufficient for one-handed reholstering. 

A quality belt to secure the hip holster to the students’ body. 

Hearing and eye protection (ear muffs or ear plugs, and polycarbonate glasses – prescription glasses OK). 

300 rounds of factory loaded ammunition of the proper caliber for the students’ chosen handgun. 

A concealment garment of sufficient type to provide adequate concealment for the handgun in its strong-side hip holster. 

Pen or pencil, highlighter markers, and paper to take notes. 

Adequate clothing for the weather conditions. The range is outside and we will shoot rain, snow, or shine. 

Close toed shoes (boots preferable).

Long Pants.

Drinks, lunch (approximately half hour for lunch), and snacks, and a brimmed hat to help keep the sun out of your eyes on the shooting range. 

Optional, recommended equipment:

Magazine or speed-loader pouches. 

Knee pads 

Folding Chair for outdoor range