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Overview of CCW class. Print out (PDF). Then Compare.

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Bullet Reflection / Bullet Bounce

Shooting Positions- photos 

How to Reload your revolver

Holster Draw - Reverse Retention Ready Position

How to Draw and Holster your firearm

Ron Avery - Science of the Draw

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California Jury Instructions - Firearms and Deadly Force

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Kenya Mall Attack - NYPD Report

Nassau County DA Report

Hostage Shot By Police - DA Report 

Brandishing - it's unlawful



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Your plan was to Dial 911...

Why carrying a gun is a civilized act

Terrorists and Suicide Bombers - are you ready?


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Bullet Reflection Off of Hard Surfaces  / Bullet Bounce - Considerations (Case Studies):

When considering use of cover, bullet reflection or bounce should be considered. Below are some examples.

Some Observations:

1. Coming over top of cover, exposes more of your head. Also, consider bullet bounce.

2.  What works for competition is not realistic if you are being shot at.

3.  Coming out from side of cover exposes less of your head, and illustration shows that angle of head can result in less exposure. But you can still get SHOT!

4.  Potentially, use of the Chapman Position when coming out from the side of cover may expose less of your head because your head is at an angle away from the source of fire (e.g., 45 degree angle vs. 90 degree angle relative to source of fire). Body shooting position may also aid in this.

5.  Don't come out at the same place - take a "peek" and move. Example: first look high, next low,  move to another position etc... . Don't fire from same spot. You have dimensional space: up / down; left / right; front / back.  

6.  In the tests below, the initial point of bullet impact was 3 feet in front of target. This means that the adversary doesn't have to merely shoot you in the head directly. Rather,  his potential effective target area may be expanded to include an area of at least 3 feet in length and as wide as the body parts you are showing (when bullet bouncing off of hard steel as done in the tests below).

7.  Generally, don't hug cover (e.g., the wall). Of course, there may be fact specific exceptions.

Above matters addressed in class. Above are preliminary discussion points. Not a substitute for training

Posted:  2/7/2014











Warning: Results are based on specific test procedures and are approximations.  Accordingly, any variations, including but not limited to: caliber, bullet type,  barrel length, type and/or composition of "cover", angle of hit, distances,  and any other factors may materially alter the results. Do not attempt as death or grave bodily injury may result. Information is for concept analysis only.

Example of 15 Degree Bullet Path (Bullet Reflection Off Steel Plate):

Example of 25 Degree Bullet Path (Bullet Reflection Off Steel Plate):


Example of 35 Degree Bullet Path (Bullet Reflection Off Steel Plate):