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How to Draw and Holster your firearm


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SUBJECT MOTIONS:  SOURCE of videos and time & motion analysis is   WWW.FORCESCIENCE.ORG  
ShastaDefense Comments:  Consider, being an armed citizen and finding yourself  in close proximity  with an armed criminal who intends to do you and your family harm. As you watch the videos and clock times, focus on how fast you could become a victim. Things to consider include: your color code of mental awareness; the importance of seeking cover and/or leaving before things go bad; recognizing various body positions (hands and body language) of other persons and how they can immediately deploy a weapon and kill or seriously injure you (possibly before you even become aware that you and your family are in danger).  Now, compare that to your Tueller Drill time (a good time being 1.50 seconds). Do you see how far behind you are in the Action vs. Reaction curve?

Also, police officers may be aware of these same factors. Thus, as a responsibly armed American Citizen, you must be aware of your body language. If involved in a self defense shooting, among other factors, be sure that your hands are clearly visible to the responding police so that that they don't shoot you!

gun in waist band combat tuck

Average Time: .23 Seconds

Fastest Time:   .09 Seconds


gun in waist band arm extended

Average Time: .26 Seconds

Fastest Time:   .09 Seconds



Gun in console driver's side

Average Time: .25 Seconds

Fastest Time:   .15 Seconds



Gun at console passenger's side

Average Time: .26 Seconds

Fastest Time:  .09 Seconds


gun extended back




gun cross body over shoulder




Cross Body - under arm




90 degree turn

Average Time: .32 Seconds

Fastest Time:  .18 Seconds


180 degree turn

Average Time: .58 Seconds

Fastest Time:  .33 Seconds


360 degree turn

Officer-Subject Interaction-- Source

The Officer -Subject Interaction

The officer/subject interactions are almost unlimited. A sample is included here to clearly illustrate the relationship between the two as well as the general and dramatic difference between a motion that is an action (subject movement) and the catch up (reaction) motion of the officer.

0.0 seconds

Finger On Frame

Subject Position at 0.0 seconds

0.54 seconds

Trigger Pull Reaction (sighted)

Subject Position at 0.54 second


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