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Overview of CCW class. Print out (PDF). Then Compare.

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Initial CCW Full Course Curriculum

Equipment Requirements for Initial Full Course

* * * * * Initial CCW Class Reference Materials (partial - with green background)

Bullet Reflection / Bullet Bounce

Shooting Positions- photos 

How to Reload your revolver

Holster Draw - Reverse Retention Ready Position

How to Draw and Holster your firearm

Ron Avery - Science of the Draw

Pistol Grip Illustrations - Photos  # 1   # 2

Pistol Grip and Stance  // Modern Isoceles


Tueller Drill


Some Gel Tests Ammunition

California CCW Application Forms / Procedures

CCW Identification Banner 

California Jury Instructions - Firearms and Deadly Force

Reference materials (e.g., mistaken ID Shootings, what can go wrong, what if scenarios, etc...): 

Kenya Mall Attack - NYPD Report

Nassau County DA Report

Hostage Shot By Police - DA Report 

Brandishing - it's unlawful



On Target Articles

CCW Skill Building Classes

Slide Correction Technique

Tehama County CCW 

Computer Desktop Backgrounds



Civil Unrest

Crime, Predators and You


Video and Other Training References

Video Attacks References IslamoFascists, Criminals, and Tyrants


California Pending and New Legislation

View:   "2AToday for The USA"

Your plan was to Dial 911...

Why carrying a gun is a civilized act

Terrorists and Suicide Bombers - are you ready?


Stopping Power Myths

Legal Assistance Considerations

California Firearms Laws Summary Booklet DOJ 

2008 Dangerous Weapons Control Law CA DOJ


Shingletown Links

Steve Lee  - I Like Guns

Youth & Adult Shooting Club (Shingletown)


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Ham Radio Emergency


Grips Handgun



Guns Safes & Gun Security

Body Armor  Home Defense

Shotguns and Home Defense


Check for Red Flag Warning Alerts

Shasta Chain Control

Shingletown Cam is located on the north side of HWY 44 in Shingletown

Lassen Park Cam is located in Shasta County on the south side of eastbound HWY 44 at the Lassen Park North Entrance

Bogard Rest Area Cam is located in Lassen County on SR44 at the entrance to Bogard Rest Area


Obama Posters

IRS Levy Relief


CCW Firearms Training Classes - Small class size with more individual instruction.  Training and exposure which exceeds other similar type courses! If you desire to know what you are doing, and want to be comfortable and competent with your firearm, this is the class for you.

CCW Initial 12 hour basic ($150.00) (classroom / range - no holster drawing).

 CCW Initial 14 Hour ($175.00) (classroom / range - holster drawing, moving, and more). 

Renewal class $50.00 (4 hours: basic / classroom only).

Renewal Class Plus ( 7 hours: classroom and Range - holster drawing, moving, and more) $100.00).

Note: At range, the maximum number of students is 4. Thus, you have more personal attention, and opportunity to learn! 

Read Actual Student Reviews-->>:   Initial Class   Renewal Class


America, a  STATE OF WAR EXISTS, and the enemies are in our cities and towns!  

CCW Classes held in Shingletown, Shasta County. 530-474-3267


                                                 August, 2016 Journal 

July, 2016 Journal - Guns and Gear for Self Defense

May, 2016 Journal - The Armed Citizen's Secret Weapon for Court

April, 2016 Journal - Non-Gun Weapons: carried and improvised

March,  2016 Journal - Surviving an Active Shooter

March, 2013 Journal - Knife Tactics for Survival and Court Defensibility



Photos - CCW Initial Course Training. A sampling of training and education from Shasta Defense.

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Renewal Classes in Shingletown (4 hours required by California).   

Renewal Classes - call to join the classes:  474-3267

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 729

Shingletown, CA 96088

Initial Classes in Shingletown:  

14 hour course ($175.00) / (Includes holster training and shooting to front, left and right, and much more!).  200+ (approx) rounds of ammunition required. Max - 4 students.  This 14 hour class exceeds California State Law requirements, and to my knowledge is the most comprehensive initial CCW course in the North State.  

As of June, 2016, the prior 20 hour initial CCW course is no longer being offered. 

*It is recommended that you call the Sheriff to schedule your Sheriff Interview Date before or at least near the date you start your CCW class. The reason is that the Sheriff is scheduling interviews sometimes many weeks out (sometimes a month+ out).  

Note: As of 1/1/2012, Shasta County requires that your Certificates of Training (Initial and Renewal) must be submitted to Sheriff within 60 days of course completion to be recognized. California Penal Code: 26150-26225

In addition to California, the Initial Course will also allow you to apply for a Florida Non-Resident CCW (recognized in 31 states) and Arizona.

If you want to get more training and education for your dollar and your time, then Shasta Defense is your choice.  

Initial CCW  -  personal extensive hands on range training with your firearm under close instructor supervision. 

Whether you are a novice or long time shooter, you will benefit from this unique Shasta Defense course. You will feel more comfortable with your firearm in knowing how to use it safely. Shasta Defense provides this unique course in order to provide you with instruction on matters  which other providers do not. They require you to attend additional courses at substantial more cost to obtain such training and exposure.  Shasta Defense believes that certain matters are vital to your basic gun handling skills and competency. Shasta Defense includes this extra training in the Shasta Defense Initial CCW course.   Click here to Read more as to why other people just like you choose Shasta Defense for their CCW training

These are small classes and you get more individual focused instruction! Generally, there are no more than 4 students. 

    Comment  from an Assistant District Attorney who completed the Shasta Defense 20 hour CCW course

"Personal teaching ... A course I would recommend to those interested in learning, not simply trying to get a CCW Permit". 

Sheriff urges you to arm yourself! Article is Here

For California Concealed Weapons Permits. Sheriff issued permit valid for entire state of California. 

 Our Constitutional Sheriff issues Concealed Weapon Permits, and desires that more Citizens be armed.  Do you think you and your family are exempt from violent predators?  So, why don't you have your CCW? Why aren't you armed as an American Citizen should be? 

With the present economic and social climate,  you may recognize the need to legally carry a firearm not only at home but in public in order to defend yourself and family from violence. Or possibly you desire to better incorporate a firearm into your home defense plan. In either case, why not maximize your training and knowledge?  Many believe that the Shasta Defense initial course (range and classroom) provides more individual instruction, coaching, personal training, and exposure than other initial CCW classes.  

With Shasta Defense class sizes (4 maximum) students, you receive meaningful coaching so that you can become comfortable and competent with your firearm. The reality is that if you have to use your firearm for self defense, at that point in time it is too late to be wishing you had obtained the training you actually needed.    Between class sessions, students are to study the materials and perform daily dry fire practice as instructed during class.  The Shasta Defense instruction includes personal extensive hands on range training with your firearm under close instructor supervision and coaching.  The Shasta Defense courses exceed the requirements of California State Law. You are voluntarily obtaining the extra training. This merely recognizes that the time for education and training is before you have to consider drawing or using your firearm. 

Instructor Background:   Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, Certified NRA Rifle Instructor; Certified NRA Range Safety Officer; Certified NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor; Approved Firearms Instructor for CCW instruction classes required for original and  renewal permit applications in Shasta County and Tehama County (permits valid for entire State of California); and California Attorney at Law.

If you are using a firearm for personal defense at home (even if you don't desire a CCW), you should seriously consider taking this course or equivalent instruction. The legal requirements as to defending you and your loved ones by resort to deadly force apply to you, even at home. Legal and civil consequences follow the use of a firearm. American citizens need to know the rules of lethal force and the rules of gun safety. 

Class Information (prior 20 hour course): Shasta Defense classes are designed to teach the practical and legal use of a handgun in self defense.  Topics include: firearms safety, personal safety and avoiding confrontations, mental awareness, carrying concealed handguns, the legal use of deadly force and practical range training. During this course, you will learn skills, including: proper steps in drawing from a strong side holster, moving off the line of attack, firing (or not firing when threat ceases), reloading, scanning and assessing, and re-holstering. You will engage targets at ranges from 7 yards to (utilizing weapon retention skills). Training will also include: shooting from longer distances (you need to know your practical limitations, and legal), learning about your reactionary gap (Tueller drill), safe hand changes, and one handed shooting (left and right hands). Also, what do you say to the police after a shooting? Who do you call? How do you respond when officers arrive and you are armed?  Please note that not all courses conducted by other instructors provide instruction on the proper drawing from a holster. I view this as a necessary safety procedure. After all, upon issuance of a CCW, you will be carrying a loaded firearm in a holster. Don't you think you need to be skilled in how to draw and re-holster?  See this link for more about course coverage.

You don't control the time or place evil will strike.  You do control your knowledge, competence, and skill level for response.

Contact: To Register for a class, or advise of date convenient for you, please call in advance:   530-474-3267.  Classes are in Shingletown.

         Please provide your name, telephone number, and the class date you wish to attend.

When Seconds Count Will You Survive - Caution in listening is advised.
Can you survive till they arrive or would you rather defend yourself and your family?

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Citizen Volunteers (click here) - Emergency Preparedness - Are you ready? Jack Polen - friend has past away. God Bless.   Zimmerman case: Discussion and analysis
Apps - Warning to Gun Owners - only criminals are safe

Melinda Herman - Home Invasion - video Report


Watch video: Self Defense Tip Video - Close Quarters Note: in the Shasta Defense 20 hour class, students are introduced to this type of shooting. Dare Call It Treason (by Vieira). Treason trials should be demanded for Feinstein, Obama, Cuomo, and others.
Agenda  - The Film about grinding America Down. A must watch. White House Wants Pastors To Promote Gun Control
Where Does Your Pastor Stand?
Pastor Chuck Baldwin
Video - Concealed Carry in our Nation's Schools United Nations and Gun Confiscation

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Smaller of Above Image

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2nd Amendment Letter This letter from Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko to Vice President Joe Biden was also sent to many Federal and State Officials.  

New Program for Shasta County School Teachers and Staff - CCW Training - S.P.E.A.R (Staff Partnered Emergency Armed Response).

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      Poster July 4th #3

Poster July 4th #5


Video: How Will Military & Police Respond to The Systematic Gun Grab?

Pledge of Resistance Against Any Attempt to Disarm Us - have you signed it? How about your Sheriff and law enforcement?


U.S. Marine's response to Feinstein

The Charge is TREASON: Cuomo Poster Feinstein Poster Feinstein-Home-grown

Feinstein Treason