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Overview of CCW class. Print out (PDF). Then Compare.

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Initial CCW Full Course Curriculum

Equipment Requirements for Initial Full Course

* * * * * Initial CCW Class Reference Materials (partial - with green background)

Bullet Reflection / Bullet Bounce

Shooting Positions- photos 

How to Reload your revolver

Holster Draw - Reverse Retention Ready Position

How to Draw and Holster your firearm

Ron Avery - Science of the Draw

Pistol Grip Illustrations - Photos  # 1   # 2

Pistol Grip and Stance  // Modern Isoceles


Tueller Drill


Some Gel Tests Ammunition

California CCW Application Forms / Procedures

CCW Identification Banner 

California Jury Instructions - Firearms and Deadly Force

Reference materials (e.g., mistaken ID Shootings, what can go wrong, what if scenarios, etc...): 

Kenya Mall Attack - NYPD Report

Nassau County DA Report

Hostage Shot By Police - DA Report 

Brandishing - it's unlawful



On Target Articles

CCW Skill Building Classes

Slide Correction Technique

Tehama County CCW 

Computer Desktop Backgrounds



Civil Unrest

Crime, Predators and You


Video and Other Training References

Video Attacks References IslamoFascists, Criminals, and Tyrants


California Pending and New Legislation

View:   "2AToday for The USA"

Your plan was to Dial 911...

Why carrying a gun is a civilized act

Terrorists and Suicide Bombers - are you ready?


Stopping Power Myths

Legal Assistance Considerations

California Firearms Laws Summary Booklet DOJ 

2008 Dangerous Weapons Control Law CA DOJ


Shingletown Links

Steve Lee  - I Like Guns

Youth & Adult Shooting Club (Shingletown)


Links by Topic

Ham Radio Emergency


Grips Handgun



Guns Safes & Gun Security

Body Armor  Home Defense

Shotguns and Home Defense


Check for Red Flag Warning Alerts

Shasta Chain Control

Shingletown Cam is located on the north side of HWY 44 in Shingletown

Lassen Park Cam is located in Shasta County on the south side of eastbound HWY 44 at the Lassen Park North Entrance

Bogard Rest Area Cam is located in Lassen County on SR44 at the entrance to Bogard Rest Area


Obama Posters

IRS Levy Relief



Gun Owners of America


Oath Keepers   --    Also see video about Oath Keepers

National Rifle Association

NRA Institute For Legislative Action - Gun Laws

California Rifle & Pistol Association

California Dept of Justice - Gun Laws

Shasta County Sheriff

Handgun/Long Gun Retention and Disarming (HLGRD) System

Ohio CHL-holders acting in self-defense




     Did you know the following fact?

According to the  U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the ordinary armed and trained American Citizen (i.e., "... composed of the body of the people, trained to arms")  constitute  the only political / governmental institution that is "necessary to the security of a free State".

    The Second Amendment, The States, and the People  (E. Viera, Constitutional Law Attorney)

    Gun Rights on Trial (E. Viera, Constitutional Attorney)

     VIEW FILM:   "2AToday for The USA"



Negligent Discharge with Serious Personal Injury

Another ND w/SPI

Keep Your Distance! - very graphic - warning as to danger of edged weapons:
When going up against an edged weapon of any sort, always keep your distance ...

.45 "Accidental Discharge" - warning graphic  


Personal Defense Network

Ron Avery - Grip Stance

Video: Why You Carry a Loaded Gun…

Video - showing need to be aware of your surroundings (be prepared)

Video Here is an interview with a private citizen after lethal confrontation with two armed home invaders.

College Student Grabs Gun From His Backpack to Kill Home Invaders and Save 10 Lives!

Over 170 million killed through gun control read and view Video

A Gun Fighting Living Legend

Video Home Break in - self defense (frontsight)

Sure Fire Lights

[For a video lesson on why cops shoot guys with knives, look at Psychopath with a knife attacked cops.]

The Tactical Draw
Handguns, Dec. 07/Jan. 2008

Heroic Consequences
Handguns Aug./Sept. 2007

Surprised--Don't Ever Be
Combat Hanguns, Dec. 2004

Are Single-Action Semiautos Street Safe?
Handguns, April/May 2006

TRAINING Videos on the Net: 

Smith of Thunder Ranch shows how to clear a malfunction from virtually any modern auto pistol. ... FMG Publications Clint Smith Webblast handgun ...


of Thunder Ranch demonstrates the three places for a handgun as featured in the FMG Publications produced Defensive Handguns DVD. ... Clint Smith ...


Clint Smith on loading a handgun from empty ... firearms training ...

Vehicle Defense - Clint Smit

Unorthodox shooting positions

Shingletown Links:

Misc: (Consult your own legal counsel - below for discussion only - Doesn't constitute the rendering of any legal advise).

   Affirmative Defenses (Consult your own legal counsel)

   Affirmative Defenses- Avoiding The 'All-or-Nothing' Trap

   Affirmative Defenses- Avoiding The "All-Or-Nothing" Trap

Following shown only to demonstrate the danger someone can pose to you if they are close: (DONOT try these matters):

                    How to grab a gun away watch! (Don't do this - only to show risk of being close)

                    Disarm Attacker (Don't do this - only to show risk of being close)



Conceal Carry Basics:

Why I Carry a Gun
How Do I Hide This Thing?
Straight Talk About Curves
Condition 3 - Is it Right for You


FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin March 2006

Law Enforcement Perspective on the Use of Force

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Suarez - Sul

Suarez - 

Close Quarters

Tac Adv

Shooting on move


Todd J




AMK’s Tactical Field Trauma Kit

Tactical Gunshot Teatment Kit

Individual Blow Out Medical Kit

B.O.M.B. Blow Out Medical Bag






Links are for discussion purposes. You must consult a trained professional.