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Free Printable Self Defense Targets.

PDF files for printing out on 8-1/2" X 11" paper. These targets are among those used in the Shasta Defense CCW classes.

1.Printable Target - Medulla Oblongata SIDE view (click here ->> to Download and print out for use)


2. Printable Target - Medulla Oblongata FRONT view (click here ->> to Download and print out for use)

Tyrant Hitler Target

 3. Alternative Printable Target - Medulla Oblongata FRONT. Click here  to download PDF. (This target shows Cranio-Ocular cavity and a challenging drill for you to do. 


Tyrant Hitler Target.

4. Printable Hostage Target - can you save me? Click here  to download PDF.

5. Printable Hostage Target - Held Hostage. (uses less ink).  Click here  to download PDF.

6. Printable Target - Holmes Crowded Movie Theatre. Do you have the skill to save your family? (click here ->> to Download and print out for use)

7. Printable Target - Head Portion

                                - Upper Chest Portion

Print out each on separate page (head and upper), then turn "upper" on side and tape together at neck.