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Self-Defense Tip: Close Quarters Shooting




Note: in the Shasta Defense 20 hour course,  Close Quarters Self-Defense is discussed. Considerations and live fire scenarios are done at the range. This generally exceeds what other initial CCW courses offer the student. Shasta Defense feels that such is a substantial educational  void in a students educational "awakening". The purpose of the Shasta Defense course is to assist students wake up and realize that in a real life and death struggle, they won't just be standing there in their "perfect stance" and live to tell about it. The Shasta Defense course is an initial CCW class only, and thus, the instruction doesn't cover unarmed self-defense. With that in mind, a few live fire drills are done in order to help the student realize that they need to do more than just merely carrying a firearm. Thus, it is urged that students take courses in  unarmed self defensive which they can incorporate into the daily carry of their self defense firearm. 



Above is one of the sample shooting positions performed by students during the Shasta Defense initial 20 hour CCW course (day 2). The purpose of the above Shooting "position" is to have students realize that they may find themselves in the above position (even if you might be inclined to claim that you would never be in that position). 

You need to practice so that your body parts don't get shot by you!  Thus, it is urged that law abiding citizens practice shooting from such position (with proper instruction), as well as other non traditional positions they may find themselves in.  Integrate your unarmed defensive skills with your firearms defensive skills.

Other items that persons may wish to consider include (be sure to obtain proper training and

follow all firearm safety rules):

From: Control Concepts for Law Enforcement

Following - from  Training - considerations from

Above methods are not necessarily endorsed by Shasta Defense. The purpose of the links are to allow law abiding citizens to further their education by seeing and evaluating different procedures and techniques. Additionally, it is urged that classes be taken from Certified Instructors.