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California Criminal Jury Instructions

Firearms and Deadly Force

California Criminal Jury Instructions  (2013)

   ------->>>>  Copy at ShastaDefenseCalifornia Criminal Jury Instructions (4/2011) <<<<-------

Within the above, the following Jury Instructions and explanations, among others, are recommended reading:



500. Homicide: General Principles

501–504. Reserved for Future Use


505. Justifiable Homicide: Self-Defense or Defense of Another

506. Justifiable Homicide: Defending Against Harm to Person Within Home

or on Property

507. Justifiable Homicide: By Public Officer

508. Justifiable Homicide: Citizen Arrest (Non-Peace Officer)

509. Justifiable Homicide: Non-Peace Officer Preserving the Peace

510. Excusable Homicide: Accident

511. Excusable Homicide: Accident in the Heat of Passion

512. Presumption That Killing Not Criminal (Pen. Code, § 194)


875. Assault With Deadly Weapon or Force Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury (Pen. Code, §§ 240, 245(a)(1)-(3))


970. Shooting Firearm or BB Device in Grossly Negligent Manner (Pen. Code, § 246.3)


980. Brandishing Firearm in Presence of Occupant of Motor Vehicle (Pen. Code, § 417.3)

981. Brandishing Firearm in Presence of Peace Officer (Pen. Code, § 417(c) & (e))

982. Brandishing Firearm or Deadly Weapon to Resist Arrest (Pen. Code, § 417.8)

983. Brandishing Firearm or Deadly Weapon: Misdemeanor (Pen. Code, § 417(a)(1)& (2))

984. Brandishing Firearm: Misdemeanor—Public Place (Pen. Code, § 417(a)(2)(A))

985. Brandishing Imitation Firearm (Pen. Code, § 417.4)


3402. Duress or Threats

3403. Necessity



3470. Right to Self-Defense or Defense of Another (Non-Homicide)

3471. Right to Self-Defense: Mutual Combat or Initial Aggressor

3472. Right to Self-Defense: May Not Be Contrived

3473. Reserved for Future Use

3474. Danger No Longer Exists or Attacker Disabled

3475. Right to Eject Trespasser From Real Property

3476. Right to Defend Real or Personal Property

3477. Presumption That Resident Was Reasonably Afraid of Death or Great Bodily Injury (Pen. Code, § 198.5)



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